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"Learn to do right; seek justice. Defend the oppressed. Take up the cause of the fatherless; plead the case of the widow." - Isaiah 1:17

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Life-Threatening Crisis in the Horn of Africa

Please pray about a life-saving gift for hungry children and families in the Horn of Africa! ...

Giving Tuesday - Give Hope Today!

For a limited time the impact of your immediate contribution for hungry children and families will be doubled by a $50,000 Hunger Crisis Matching Chal ...

Time is running out to save lives in Africa

A severe drought and prolonged conflict in nations across the Horn of Africa has left 129,000 “looking death in the eyes” — with 2.5 million facing acute hunger in Somalia alone — and famine like conditions that have killed crops and livestock! But today the impact of your generous donation can be multiplied to help save lives! ...

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Hurricane Ian slammed into Florida - triggering massive flooding, destructive landslides, and washing away houses! Our Bridge of Hope team of First Responders supplied food, clean drinking water, and emergency disaster relief.
Floods have devastated much of the nation — more than a million homes have been washed away — 33 million people have been impacted — including many of our own City Harvest Network pastors and church families! Bridge of Hope has organized aid — clean water, food, medicine, and cleanup supplies.
Already 5.9 million have fled Ukraine and are struggling to survive in neighboring nations. Most refugees are women with children and the elderly! Men remain in Ukraine to fight for their homes and country. Meanwhile, the UN says 12 million internally displaced people inside Ukraine also need immediate aid. Bridge of Hope has sent clean water, food, medicine, and cleanup supplies.
In violent, anti-Christian Sudan, partners free over 36,000 slaves, provide more than 16,000 survival kits and millions of pounds of aid
Bridge of Hope provides aid to Sudanese refugees including hungry families and children
Maimed or injured civilians forced from their homes and refuge in Bridge of Hope-sponsored clinic, staff and supplies
Hundreds of children receive food, clothing, and Christian education despite living in "hell on earth"
AIDS: Bridge of Hope helps stop pregnant mothers from infecting their children through utilization of $1 million in medical supplies
Bridge of Hope's response to Zambezi River flood provides 6.6 million gallons of purified water annually
Bridge of Hope delivers 300,000 pounds of food, medical supplies to poorest country in Western Hemisphere
275,000 meals and $250,000 in medical supplies delivered to one of the poorest nations on earth
Earthquake leaves one million people homeless; Bridge of Hope partners provide immediate shelter for 20,000
Massive mudslides down urbanized mountains directly affect 500,000 people; Bridge of Hope supplies 250,000 pounds of emergency food and medical supplies
Balkan war refugees supplied with 1 million pounds of food, medical supplies, made possible by Bridge of Hope partners
Twenty-five hundred Bridge of Hope tents immediately shelter 10,000 made homeless by the country's worst quake since the 1950s
Bridge of Hope delivers 100,000 pounds of food, water, and medical supplies in the wake of Cyclone Nargis that devastates 800,000 homes and 75% of health facilities
One hundred thousand pounds of food, medical supplies, and clean water provide nourishment and care for victims of 100-foot high tsunami
Bridge of Hope partners send shipments of aid - including food, clean water, first aid, and medical supplies - to aid those devastated by the worst earthquake in Japan's history
Devastating storms ravage the area and cause destructive flooding. Bridge of Hope provides emergency disaster relief.
Partners fuel Bridge of Hope's delivery of nearly 1.2 million pounds of aid to victims of multiple hurricanes

Victims of tragedy across the region receive 120,000 pounds of relief funded by Bridge of Hope partners (IA, ND, AR)

Victims of tragedy across the region receive 120,000 pounds of relief funded by Bridge of Hope partners (IA, ND, AR)
Impoverished region of Appalachia receives 40,000 pounds of aid funded by Bridge of Hope partners