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Claudia's Story

"Pastor I picked her up to bring her to you to help, and I almost lost her. Her pulse began to slow. I was so scared; I could not bring you a dead baby, I just couldn't. I began to pray boldly before the Throne of Grace, 'Claudia, in Jesus' name, you WILL live and not die.'"

-- Director of Missions Troy Dugan as he handed Claudia to me

When Troy placed in my arms a 7-year-old girl who weighed only 15 pounds, I began to weep uncontrollably. How could this girl be so thin, her little body so wasted? I held Claudia close, and all I could feel was skin and bones; she could hardly lift her head. I could barely feel her faint heartbeat as I carried her into the clinic and rushed her to the front of the line.

Because of Bridge of Hope partners like you, I handed this child over to doctors in a medical clinic. We had just supplied them with $250,000 worth of desperately needed medical supplies. We also delivered 250,000 meals so these children will not starve to death. I put my faith in God and you, my Bridge of Hope partners and friends. I will not turn my back on the least of these. I won't do it. I have received word that Claudia is gaining weight and doing so much better. Thank God we were there in time. 

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