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Update from America's Southern Border

MCALLEN, Texas – Bridge of Hope Founder Dr. Rod Parsley led a group of U.S. Pastors to a border facility in McAllen, Texas, on Friday, Aug. 16, and called for both the Congress and the White House to end a 30-year gridlock at the U.S.-Mexico border.

These people are being cared for.  We talked to several of them.  All of them said, ‘I’m happy here.  I’m well treated here.  I’m fed here.  I’m clothed here.  I’m safe here.’  And it’s time for the United States Congress and the Administration to end the gridlock.  Fix this crisis.”Speaking outside the facility, Dr. Parsley stated in direct terms that it’s time for Washington to act, and act quickly.

“I’m outraged at three decades of inaction from Washington, DC, and that they have created and continue to exacerbate this humanitarian crisis. While you’re on vacation, in 104-degree weather, the border agents are here. And I can tell you I have been in many prison facilities across the United States, state and federal. I have never seen a better facility than this facility. So, what you’ve heard is not true. These people are being cared for. We talked to several of them. All of them said, ‘I’m happy here. I’m well treated here. I’m fed here. I’m clothed here. I’m safe here.’ And it’s time for the United States Congress and the Administration to end the gridlock. Fix this crisis,” Dr. Parsley said.

The delegation was co-sponsored by the National Hispanic Leadership Conference and his own City Harvest Network. Pastor Rod Parsley extends his sincere thanks to Paula White-Cain for her and her ministry’s valuable assistance in making the visit to this facility possible. We are proud to partner with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference in leading the call for action on our Southern Border. After the group toured the detention facility, the nation’s largest, they commended Border Patrol agents and staff, and urged greater support from Washington.

Parsley added, “I’ve built many buildings in my day. What these men and women need could be taken care of in 30 days for facilities and everything they need, but we’ve been three decades waiting on you. Our wait is over. You will either solve this crisis, or you will no longer have our vote to have the opportunity to fix this crisis. Enough pointing the finger, enough blaming the other side of the aisle. Get off vacation and come fix this crisis or stop using it for your political gain.”

In the meantime, the church of Jesus stands ready and willing to help fill the gap for those in need. We’re called to love our neighbors regardless of their country of origin or religious tradition.

Reforming the U.S. immigration system is a complex task that can only be achieved by working across party lines and political spectrums. Most Americans agree that what is clear is that our current system isn’t working, that people are harmed along the way, and that Washington needs to come together for a solution.

For starters, pray for immigrants, for border agents doing an extremely difficult job with grace and compassion, and for our elected officials, who need divine wisdom as they seek to reform immigration policies.

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