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$40,000 'Compassion on Compassion' Matching Challenge

1.4 million people in the Jonglei region of South Sudan were already severely hungry … more than 300,000 children under 5 acutely malnourished.

And now — tragedy upon tragedy: Multiple, ongoing disasters over the last several months have brought the people of South Sudan to the brink:
  • Horrific war and violence have displaced millions as refugees.
  • Plagues of locusts devoured crops.
  • The deadly COVID-19 virus —
    1. Has reversed 20 years of work to end poverty around the world according to the Brookings Institute — with estimates of 150 million people pushed into extreme poverty worldwide.
    2. Will leave more than a quarter-billion people acutely hungry by year-end according to The World Food Programme.
  • Extreme food shortages creating another “pandemic” — of hunger!
Your generous support for Bridge of Hope is desperately needed today — to feed the hungry and save lives in Jesus’ name!

Every $1 you give will become $2 — thanks to a $40,000 “Compassion on Compassion” Matching Challenge — to provide emergency food and aid and share the Gospel with a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough and Rod Parsley Now broadcasts.

Your gift of $96 — doubled by the Challenge — will provide emergency food to four families and help me continue preaching the Gospel to a lost and hurting world through our Breakthrough and Rod Parsley Now broadcasts.

But you must act quickly — the deadline to double your impact up to the $40,000 total and help provide 100,000 meals to the hungry is just days away!

Our Bridge of Hope team of partners are mobilizing to bring emergency relief to children and families in South Sudan. You can share your support by texting any amount you wish to give, followed by BT BOH to 45777. Example: Text 50 BT BOH to 45777

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