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Earlier this week, Dr. Rod Parsley, Founder and General Overseer of Bridge of Hope, interviewed Pastor Henry Madava, who presides over 200 churches, live from Kyiv, Ukraine just 10 miles from where Russian troops are surrounding the capital.

"They have been sending more rockets. Almost every day, I'm still in my office, and while I'm sitting here, I hear many loud bangs around me," Pastor Madava said.

"The bigger catastrophe is the 30 million lives still in Ukraine. We're helping people with food, medicines, and clothes - especially people who cannot leave their homes or bomb shelters."

"But as a church, we don't just give things out," Pastor Madava said. "We bring it with the Gospel! We preach to people! We pray for people! And we hold them!"

Watch the full interview now and learn how YOU can help Bridge of Hope make a difference in the lives of Ukrainians whose entire world has been turned upside down.

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